Hello World

Like all good things, this site begins with ‘Hello World’.

As a software developer, it can be challenging to keep on top of the latest concepts and the constant evolutions of code that keep the industry moving forward. Whether it’s the latest versions of languages like c#, frameworks like .net core or products like Dynamics there are a lot of ways to do the same thing and it’s my aim to log all the things I learn for both my own future reference and yours.

I will be focussing on several main areas. As a developer, I will keep a blog of my learnings of the latest and best code practices as well as any forays into new areas like mobile or game development. I will also be keeping a blog of my current project which is a deep dive into Azure with a focus on Serverless code and optimisations. As a business analyst, I will be logging my work with business critical systems like Dynamics and Sharepoint.

From personal experience, the internet has the answers to a lot of the questions I normally need, but like all goods things, a little order to the chaos can never hurt.

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