Get Ready – .Net Maui is coming soon

So it is nearly here! Maui is only a few months away (alongside .Net 6) and there has been a lot of movement in this space since my last post. On 5th August, the final Xamarin Community Stand Up was aired on youtube with all future episodes being formally known as .Net Maui Stand Up. This is a symbolic change, showing that now Xamarin is officially no longer actively supported, with .Net Maui the preferred choice. All the supporting tools have also followed suit, with things like the Xamarin Community Toolkit being replaced with the CommunityToolKit.Maui and Xamarin Essentials becoming .Net Maui Essentials.

The nutshell here, is that MAUI is coming and it is coming soon. For those who have a requirement to manage the impact of the .net 6 and .Net Maui, it is worth starting to listen our more closely to the updates that are coming.

Whilst there are ways of getting the previews for .Net 6 and .Net Maui, I am not going to cover it in this post as it is not LTS ready, with some core features missing. Until I think it is in a more supported state, I am going to hold off on doing a formal update post detailing the update steps.

That said, very soon we will be getting a stable upgrade path, so get ready!

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